Absolutely Dazzling Debut of “The Adventures of Eddie and Flip Boy” by Bobby Holland Hanton

Bobby Holland Hanton is many things – Actor, Producer, and Stunt Double for Chris Hemsworth; who with intense training with world-class trainers, chefs, nutritionists, and wellness coaches achieves award-winning fitness and health through Centr. Now available through via the Centr website, offering specialized programs and workout plans, created by Chris Hemsworth as founder and one part of a world-class team who want to help you smash your goals.

Bobby Holland Hanton has worked on films such as “Thor Ragnarok“, “Mission Impossible 6,Wonder Woman“, “Solo: A Star Wars Story“, “Inception“, “Pirates Of The Caribbean“, “Game Of Thrones“, to name only a few (check out his IMDB for his full filmography!) and he is an ambassador for Battle Cancer… he really is a non-stop powerhouse! And now, to his many credits and achievements he can add PUBLISHED AUTHOR.

You can check out more about Bobby Holland Hanton via his Website, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and TikTok

ISBN: 9781921596247

The Adventures of Eddie and Flip Boy
Eddie is absolutely obsessed with his favourite superhero charcter: Flip Boy.
No matter where he is, or what he’s doing, Eddie spends all his time glued to his tablet, watching Flip Boy. Eddie even wants to be Flip Boy.
The problem is… his superhero antics never go quite to plan. Because, as Eddie finds out when he eventually meets his hero, being a superhero is harder than it looks. But, luckily, with some help from Flip Boy, Eddie’s superhero training can commence… and you can join in too – with a spread of keep-fit tips at the end of the book!

You can buy The Adventures of Eddie and Flip Boy now via:
and at all good bookstores!

Bobby Holland Hanton and his book have also been featured on:
The Morning Show – 20th of June, 2022

Today Extra – 29th of June, 2022

Today Extra meets Chris Hemsworth’s Thor body double
Bobby Holland Hanton shares what it’s like to work alongside the Aussie avenger

You can also read Bobby Holland Hanton’s double-page article exclusive in
Who Magazine – July 4, 2022

Gary James’ chats with the one and only Beeb Birtles (singer/songwriter and iconic musician)

Gary James, who has been running www.classicbands.com since 2000, a well-known website, which has had over 28 Million Visitors since its launch on the turn of the century, had a lovely interview with Beeb Birtles at the start of 2021. Beeb Birtles is a Dutch-Australian powerhouse musician, singer and songwriter and guitarist, his passion for music has led him to creating and being a part of internationally renowned, celebrated and iconic bands such as Zoot, Mississippi, Little River Band (which was inducted to the ARIA Hall of Fame in 2004) and Birtles, Shorrock and Goble, not to mention his own solo work (including his album ‘Driven By Dreams‘).

In 2017 Brolga Publishing had the pleasure and honour of working closely with Beeb Birtles to release his memoir, Every Day of My Life which has been touted as ‘the remarkable tale of how Beeb Birtles conquered the music world – and then lost the band he’d help form.’ and goes in-depth from his own recollections of his childhood coming to Australia as a Dutch child who had little to no English skills in the 1970s and how music was in immediate formative passion for him. This one-of-a-kind memoir tells of how he came to have the stage name of ‘Beeb Birtles’ and never-before told stories of the behind the scenes being a part of and touring, becoming an immutable pop icon of the gold-age of music alongside Darryl Cotton and Rick Springfield. Little River Band was the first Australian band that broke into the then-elusive American market and go on to have Sleeper Catcher (Little River Band’s fourth studio album) become certified gold (the first Australian album to do so, though not their last, as their sixth studio album Time Exposure would go on to be certified gold as well).

To read the full interview between Gary James and Beeb Birtles and find out the answers to questions like,
“You produced your first solo album, “Driven By Dreams” for the company, but who else did you produce?”
“What kind of reaction has your autobiography, Every Day Of My Life been getting?”
You can read the full interview on www.classicbands.com [here]

Beeb Birtles’ memoir Every Day of My Life
is available in all good bookstores
and online via
Booktopia [link]
Amazon [link]
Dymocks [link]
If you have press or publicity interest in this raw, honest and fascinating memoir you can email our Company Director, Mark Zocchi on markzocchi@brolgapublishing.com.au
ISBN: 9781925367973

Take Heart! ‘Calm Through Chaos’ has launched!

Tracy Busse launched her debut memoir Calm Through Chaos in the stunning Canterbury International Hotel to an amazing amount of heartwarming support and a packed house to come to celebrate a powerhouse author with a unique voice and an imperative message to send and communicate via her book and personal experience. Calm Through Chaos is the result of Tracy Busse’s impressive drive to document and tell her life-altering personal story which started with her having a serious cardiac event at home, thankfully where her husband was able to summon immediate emergency help upon finding that she was found unresponsive – this ultimately saved Tracy’s life after the event was triggered by a previously undiagnosed heart condition.

Waiting audience ready for the launch to officially begin

Reaching out to the CEO and founder of Hearts4Heart, Tanya Hall, Tracy Busse earned an impressive review before the books were even on shelves and was featured in the Herald Sun as well with Tanya Hall speaking about being a cardiac patient and the need to not take your heart health for granted.

Tanya Hall, CEO and Founder of Hearts4Heart on her review of Calm through Chaos;

Thank you so much for the honour of reading your book. It truly is such a
gift and I simply couldn’t put it down. It is so difficult to condense all the
events and emotions that we experience on our journey and then what is
required to manage a chronic disease as well as living a fulfilled life. You
have articulated that beautifully.  I love how you manage to capture all of it
in such a gentle way and then give practical advice on what to do and
things that you can easily refer back to … I have to say, I am finding it
difficult to find words to capture the brilliance in this book.

If you haven’t yet gotten your copy of of Calm Through Chaos, which is an invaluable title for those who are a cardiac surivor or know/love someone who is, this debut title can be found in all good bookstores or by contacting Mark Zocchi on markzocchi@brolgapublishing.com.au

If you want to support Hearts4Heart we invite you to check out their website, their Facebook and you can donate to their cause HERE (Donations $2 or more are tax deductible)


The A-List Diet & Fitness Plan – Now available to be ordered!

Ever wanted to know how Chris Hemsworth got so ripped for his role as Marvel’s award-winning depiction of the hammer-wielding hero Thor? How Cate Blanchett perfected her fierce gothic-chic look for the expertly directed by Taika Waititi Thor: Ragnarok? They have Luke Zocchi as a personal trainer to thank!

Now not only celebrities can access Luke’s expert training in weight loss and muscle building with the release of his break-out debut book filled with recipes and exercises aimed at beginners – no equipment needed! You can now order The A-List Diet & Fitness Plan in the UK through Chris Lloyd via www.chrislloydsales.co.uk and also order in Australia through Pan Macmillan www.panmacmillan.com.au

Founder/CEO of Hearts4Heart reviews ‘Calm Through Chaos’

Calm Through Chaos, by first-time author Tracy Busse who is a heart patient advocate following her life-changing experience, is a forthcoming release to hit shelves this coming October and already it’s getting positive advance reviews for its sincere and heartfelt telling of Tracy Busse’s experiences following the night she is found unresponsive, learning later her heart had stopped due to a previously undiagnosed heart condition. In her debut book she tells of how she recovered emotionally and physically, including practical skills that are accessible to us all and enable us to live a richer and more vibrant life filled with joy, creativity, compassion and resilience.

Tanya Hall, CEO and Founder of Hearts4Heart, gave the below review,

Thank you so much for the honour of reading your book. It truly is such a gift and I simply couldn’t put it down. It is so difficult to condense all the events and emotions that we experience on our journey and then what is required to manage a chronic disease as well as living a fulfilled life. You have articulated that beautifully.  I love how you manage to capture all of it in such a gentle way and then give practical advice on what to do and things that you can easily refer back to … I have to say, I am finding it difficult to find words to capture the brilliance in this book.

A ’must have’ book for anyone dealing with a medical condition, (especially heart related) or for anyone wanting to live the best life they can live. It is such a gift! It offers practical, simple tools that can make a huge difference in your life. A book to be savoured.

Hearts4Heart was founded in 2011 and is a National Organisation that focuses on supporting, educating and advocating for Australians living with heart disease – since its foundation it has become an expert voice in the field of patient education and support for people experiencing heart disease and arrhythmia. Hearts4Heart is the only cardiac patient advocacy group actively involved in market access discussions with the Australian Government and Tanya Hall has received the 2012 CALI (Community, Action, Leadership and Inspiration) award and was a finalist for the Body and Soul Woman of the Year in 2013. More recently she won the Medical Technology Association of Australia Outstanding Achievement Award 2015 and the Global Bakken Invitation Award.

To learn more about Hearts4Heart please check out their website, their Facebook and you can donate to their cause HERE (Donations $2 or more are tax deductible)

You didn’t have to leave Melbourne to Meet Japan!

In the heart of South Melbourne on the bright, winter’s Thursday afternoon of August 23rd 2018 Made in Japan – a direct-connection supply store that specialises in ceramics, tableware and house items made by small family-run businesses – was filled to the brim with an excited crowd; which included off-the-street interested persons, family, friends, old work colleagues, all gathered to launch the unique and one-of-a-kind book by first-time author John Urquhart, Meet Japan.

With audience packed close and microphone at the ready to reach the furthest-back John Urquhart opened the launch with a snippet of koto, shakuhachi and bagpipes from a well-loved CD of the Tokyo Piping Society, of which John had help form and then later lead. With heart and laughs he introduced the crowd to what inspired and drove the creation and writing of Meet Japan, the rich history and personal adventure of his then young-family moving to Japan in the 1970s as per John’s work with Borthwick’s and Sons to introduce beef to the Japanese diet – but their adventure was to be more than just work-centric and instead is chronicled in Meet Japan what was to be a once-in-a-lifetime introduction to Japan by John and his wife Lois, with their young children, as Gaijin (foreigners) long before tourism and travel was common from English-speaking nations to Japan. Invited to speak and formally launch the book was an old friend and currently Austrade’s Assistant General Manager Catherine Taylor.

Author John Urquhart and Brolga Publishing’s Company Director Mark Zocchi share the stage as the launch speeches were about to begin

John Urquhart and Catherine Taylor (Austrade’s Assistant General Manager) share a smile and a laugh












If you would like to purchase your own copy of the book (or two? With Christmas right around the corner why not give the gift of a great story?) you can purchase directly from the author on his website’s store or by emailing markzocchi@brolgapublishing.com.au and not to mention Meet Japan is available in all good bookstores now!

To keep up and find out more about Meet Japan you can check out the website: www.meetjapan.com.au

Made in Japan’s packed store floor moments before the audience was to gather and witness the launch for ‘Meet Japan’

John Urquhart addressing the crowd, featuring pride-of-place John’s late-wife (and co-author in spirit) Lois’ beautiful hand-painted screen of Lake Nojiri

We would love to also thank Jack and the staff of Made In Japan for being so accommodating in having us come in and launch a fantastic book in such an authentic and interesting venue. If you haven’t yet, do visit any one of their locations:
South Melbourne 1-7 Wynyard Street South Melbourne
Mornington 30 Watt Road Mornington
Queen Victoria Market Container 11, Stringbean Alley Melbourne

ISBN: 9780648242673

Meet Japan, Meet John Urquhart on ABC Radio Western Victoria!

Not even on shelves yet and already on the waves, John Urquhart will be sitting down tomorrow morning with the bright and bubbly Jo Printz from 10am tomorrow on ABC Western Victoria 91.7FM (Program: Mornings with Jo Printz) to chat about his outstanding memoir, Meet Japan.

Meet Japan is his first book and explores the heart and culture of Japan through a selection of letters written between 1974 – 85, written by John and his late wife Lois after their young family was assigned to live in Japan in the 1970s for John’s work with Borthwick and Sons to market meat – which until then had never been part of the local diet. Meet Japan does not centre on John’s work however, it goes so much deeper with sincerity, heart and respect to share and recount the beauty of Japan, the local customs and to tell the story of how two people and their young family came to experience Japan all their own.

If you would like to tune in but cannot pick up this signal/prefer to listen digitally their interview will be streamed live on Radio ABC Western Vic Live


Fancy a haircut next to a lady having her face shaved?
What about a young lady escorting a family through a bath-house full of naked old men?
Or shopping at the green grocer’s, with the basket-style till dangling from the ceiling?

Welcome to living in Japan where unexpected joys and revelations are just around the next corner. Inspired by a selection of letters written between 1974-85, Meet Japan is a journey of enlightenment as seen through the eyes of John and Lois Urquhart. Their Japan was in the mountains, valleys, villages, back streets and everyday hustle and bustle of ordinary people. Meet Japan gives an insight into the country’s deeply spiritual relationship with nature, its beauty, the evolution of its ‘food life’ and culture, and explores the soul of this fascinating country.

To experience Meet Japan for yourself you’re in luck as it launches later this month!
To follow ABC Western Victoria, please check out their Facebook, Website or their Live Streaming Services.

ISBN: 9780648242673

Dr Ian Gawler and the battle of Willpower

“For many of us, the conditioning of past experiences, the conditioning stored in our memory as images, limits the capacity of our mind. For many of us, to actively work on training our mind and reprogramming our mind is therefore a key step in freeing us from past limitations and opening us to future possibilities. Clearly, it is the mind that changes everything…” – Excerpt from The Mind that Changes Everything, written by Dr Ian Gawler (first printed in 2011 by Brolga Publishing)

The invaluable writings of Dr Ian Gawler in The Mind that Changes Everything are based on modern research and current studies and it’s aim is to inspire, energise and inform one’s own mind’s potential. He is an authority on how this can be achieved with his many qualifications and the real-world application of his own practices during his remarkable recovery from cancer several years ago.

If you would like to learn more you can follow Dr Ian Gawler on his website – www.gawler.org, where you can then read his latest blog and all previous blog posts.

His next presentations are:
Medicine of the Mind
Date: Friday 24th August
Time: 6.45 – 9.30pm
Further details/Booking

Health, Healing and Wellbeing – Seeking to use the Power of the Mind
Date: Saturday 25th August
Time: 1.30 – 4.30pm
Further Details/Booking

You can purchase The Mind that Changed Everything from all good bookstores or order directly by contacting markzocchi@brolgapublishing.com.au
ISBN: 9781925367256

Mal Walden author talk @ Nunawading Library – August 8th, 2018.

On a brisk August Wednesday afternoon to a packed library in the heart of the South Eastern Suburb of Nunawading, Mal Walden was the focus of captivated audience as he spoke of his 60 year career as Australia’s longest-serving news presenter, his experiences in radio and television journalism and two current titles, The News Man (Brolga Publishing, 2016) and Good News! (Brolga Publishing, 2017).


If you would like to keep up with Whitehorse Manningham Libraries, jump on their website or follow them on Facebook.

The News Man: 9781925367492
Good News: 9781925367928

Meet G. J. Maher, author of Moon Over the Mediterranean!

If you’re in the area of or surrounds of Forster, New South Wales you are in for a treat!
G. J. Maher, author of Moon Over the Mediterranean is going to be giving an author talk at Forster Library on August 20, 2018!

Moon Over the Mediterranean has been a phenomenal hit with copies being loved and read all over Australia and Europe – it tells the fascinating story of Alexander, a conscientious objector in 1960s Holland. He embarks on a lifetime adventure, travelling the hippie trail through Greece, India, Nepal, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Iran, Israel and beyond. Keeping his sketch pad at hand he always has a good book to enjoy and engages in deep philosophical discussions with fellow travellers, as well as falling in and out of love along the way. As he matures, Alexander becomes more involved with the world around him, helping displaced persons, building clinics, schools and rehabilitation centres, assisting children who have been abducted as child soldiers and abused in horrifying ways. Finally, he embarks on several monumental projects where he attempts to change the way people think towards bigotry and asylum seekers. Moon over the Mediterranean is a feel-good book despite the difficult issues it confronts. It tells the story of one man’s struggle to make the world a better place and live a compassionate life.

Event Details:  Monday, August 20 2018
10:30am – 11:30am

Location:          Forster Library
4-12 Breese Parade
Forster, NSW 2428

Follow this link to book:
Eventbrite.com.au | G. J. Maher – Moon Over the Mediterranean

ISBN: 9781925367898