Gary James’ chats with the one and only Beeb Birtles (singer/songwriter and iconic musician)

Gary James, who has been running since 2000, a well-known website, which has had over 28 Million Visitors since its launch on the turn of the century, had a lovely interview with Beeb Birtles at the start of 2021. Beeb Birtles is a Dutch-Australian powerhouse musician, singer and songwriter and guitarist, his passion for music has led him to creating and being a part of internationally renowned, celebrated and iconic bands such as Zoot, Mississippi, Little River Band (which was inducted to the ARIA Hall of Fame in 2004) and Birtles, Shorrock and Goble, not to mention his own solo work (including his album ‘Driven By Dreams‘).

In 2017 Brolga Publishing had the pleasure and honour of working closely with Beeb Birtles to release his memoir, Every Day of My Life which has been touted as ‘the remarkable tale of how Beeb Birtles conquered the music world – and then lost the band he’d help form.’ and goes in-depth from his own recollections of his childhood coming to Australia as a Dutch child who had little to no English skills in the 1970s and how music was in immediate formative passion for him. This one-of-a-kind memoir tells of how he came to have the stage name of ‘Beeb Birtles’ and never-before told stories of the behind the scenes being a part of and touring, becoming an immutable pop icon of the gold-age of music alongside Darryl Cotton and Rick Springfield. Little River Band was the first Australian band that broke into the then-elusive American market and go on to have Sleeper Catcher (Little River Band’s fourth studio album) become certified gold (the first Australian album to do so, though not their last, as their sixth studio album Time Exposure would go on to be certified gold as well).

To read the full interview between Gary James and Beeb Birtles and find out the answers to questions like,
“You produced your first solo album, “Driven By Dreams” for the company, but who else did you produce?”
“What kind of reaction has your autobiography, Every Day Of My Life been getting?”
You can read the full interview on [here]

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