‘Serpent Song’ Promo + Author suprise signed book

A little while ago we heard a little bird whispering in our ears that one of our amazing authors, the crime-thriller maven Toni Grant, was not only doing some promo at Abbey’s Bookshop but also found a copy of her book, Serpent Song in Dymocks and signed it before passing it to staff for a signed copy sticker!


Let us know if you’re the lucky one who nabbed this rarity! We’re love to hear from you!

Serpent Song is available in all good bookstores and can be ordered directly from Brolga Publishing by contacting markzocchi@brolgapublishing.com.au
ISBN: 9781925367805

James Maclean (author of ‘Mordialloc’) speaking event July 29th, 2017.

Brolga Publishing has a large focus and dedication to Australian authors and also we have so much respect and admiration for the organisations, venues and programs that give authors a speaking platform – where they can bring their amazing, interesting and thrilling books to new audiences and also talk about their writing, influences, history, skills and life to communities that celebrate the power of books and authors alike.

One such non-profit organisation is Mentone Public Library which hosts An Author for All Seasons. 2017 is host to series seven of this amazing local author talk series where one of our authors, James Maclean, will be speaking about his 2016 book ‘Mordialloc(Brolga publishing, 2016)

This session will run between 10:30am -1:30pm with James Maclean speaking early.
Directions: 36 Florence Street, Mentone
Melways reference: 86 K6
RSVP Advised by 27th July 2016mentonepubliclibrary@gmail.com
(While walk-ins are welcome there is a maximum seating threshold)

In case you haven’t picked up your copy of Mordialloc yet, a book that is a raw, moving and sprinkled with light humour that beautifully depicts the transition into manhood, here’s why you should dash out and grab a copy at all good bookstores:

Set in 1988, Mordialloc tells the story of 18-year-old Floyde McGuinness – a D-grade student with a lack of direction. Although quite aware that the world is changing around him, Floyde isn’t completely sure if he is ready to change with it. An over-achieving older brother and the lack of a stable, mature male role model do little to help his cause.

With year 12 in the rear view mirror, Floyde decides to throw a party for his graduating class. Hard liquor, inexperience and a testosterone-fueled peer group are seldom a good mix. What seems funny at the time isn’t always funny in the morning and a court case suddenly looms on the horizon. The boys find themselves scrambling; all for one and one for all. Well, maybe not this time…
ISBN: 9781925367270

The Footy Almanac on Fabulous Phil

Matt Watson’s book Fabulous Phil is receiving positive reception from many news/media outlets (such as CollingwoodFC.com.au, AFL360, Bigfooty.com, TheAge.com.au, The Adelaide Advertiser, The Herald Sun and 3AW and now The Footy Almanac) and with good reason – it is a in-depth book that is filled with insight, interviews and personal accounts about the life and adventures of Phil Carman and his memorable career. It doesn’t shy away from the interactions and reactions he had to and from people around him at the peak of his on-field career, the decisions and events that went right, the ones that went wrong (including his 20-week suspension for head-butting a boundary umpire in 1980) and Phil Carman’s life since then.

“The book brings the reader right up to date with Carman’s life. A fascinating tale, meticulously researched and written by Matt Watson. No punches pulled, no controversy under-analysed…”The Footy Almanac, part of it’s glowing review of Fabulous Phil.
The full article can be found at Almanac Book Review: “Fabulous Phil – The Phil Carman Story” by Matt Watson.

Phil Carman appearing on AFL360 speaking with Mark Robinson. Photo credit: AFL360 / theramble (YouTube)

If you haven’t nabbed your copy of Fabulous Phil yet, it is available at all good bookstores and can be ordered directly from Phil Carman’s website: PhilCarman.com.au
ISBN: 9781925367850

Step into the Hidden World and hear The Inside Story of the Soul

On Friday, July 7th 2017, we had the pleasure of attending the launch of Hidden World Inside Story of the Soul in the gorgeous One Space HQ, which is situated in idyllic Bondi Junction in Sydney. The packed house, interspersed with attendees donning masks to fit the launches’ theme of masquerade, were treated to a lovely night listening to talented artists accompanying the author and his book’s launch.

  Photo credit: Tom Jones (www.mrtomjones.com)

Photo credit: Tom Jones (www.mrtomjones.com)







Dr. Kaushik Ram; author of Hidden World Inside Story of the Soul – who amongst other accomplishments is a world-leading and renowned neuroscientist who intends to teach us about the human subconscious and how to naturally invigorate our subconscious potential has over a 17 years’ experience in the academic field since graduating from University of Sydney with a PHD in Neuroscience and now had written his first book; which mixes poetry and science in a powerful tour de force with aim to guide readers to self-reflect and reassemble the pieces of what we thought we know about ourselves and world around us.

Artist: Vanessa Forbes | Photo credit: Tom Jones (www.mrtomjones.com)

Artist: Olivia Rosebery | Photo credit: Tom Jones (www.mrtomjones.com)







Hidden World Inside Story of the Soul is out now and available at all good bookstores and though Dr. Kaushik Ram’s website you can also order a signed copy (for a limited time!)

ISBN: 9781925367867

Photo credit: Tom Jones (www.mrtomjones.com)


Success of ‘Laughing at cancer’ is no joke!

Working with Ros Ben-Moshe on her inspiring, informative and infused-with-humour book Laughing at cancer has been a wonderful experience and we, amongst many, are very excitedly following her many appearances on radio, television and articles to talk about her highly-anticipated book. This post will be continually updated with her latest features and appearances with links to where you can catch up on the adventures post-release of such a phenomenal book by the laughter and wellness expert Ros Ben-Moshe.

ABC Radio National Program – Life Matters – July
    ABC Radio National: Life Matters – Laughing at cancer

Ros Ben-Moshe speaking event – Sydney – July 19th 2017
    Author Talk with Ros Ben-Moshe at High Tide Room, Bondi Pavilion, Sydney.

Channel 7, Daily Edition (live) – July 19th
     Cancer survivor talks the benefit of laughter therapy – The Daily Edition

Lifestyle Breakfast – July 5th 2017
     John and garry – Why we need to laugh when times are tough

3AW, Afternoons with Dennis Walter, July 4th 2017
     3AW: cancer survivor explains how laughter and a positive mindset can promote healing

Huffington Post Australia – June 27th 2017
     Huffingtonpost Au – Ros Ben Moshe: my shock diagnosis of bowel cancer got me thinking…

Mamamia – June 23rd 2017
     Mamamia: Ros ben-Moshe and Laughter therapy for cancer patients

Daily Mail UK – June 23rd 2017

Lifestyle Overnight with David Prior – June 22nd 2017
     Lifestyle Overnight with David Prior: Ros Ben Moshe and Laughing at cancer

Mindfood.com – June 21st 2017
     Mindfood: 7 reasons why people need to laugh

     50SoWhat: Want to live a long and happy life? Start laughing more today

Channel 31, The Schtick – June 14th 2017
     Ros Ben-Moshe’s appearance on The Shtick – June 14th, 2017

Afternoons with Clare Bowditch (Interview with Libbi Gorr) – June 8th 2017
     ABC: Afternoons with Clare Bowditch (Interview with Libbi Gorr)

If you haven’t already got a copy of Laughing at cancer, it is available in all good bookstores and can be ordered directly by emailing markzocchi@brolgapublishing.com.au.
ISBN: 9781925367843

Fabulous Phil in The Adelaide Advertiser – June 1, 2017.

Phil Carman, better known as Fabulous Phil, kicks back to discuss his biography with the Australian newspaper The Adelaide Advertiser and to talk about his career which has undeniably made him an icon of the AFL (and VFL/SANFL), a renowned player and person both on and off field. If you’re interested in snapping up a copy of Phil Carman’s biography Fabulous Phil written by Matt Watson (Brolga Publishing, 2017) which features never-before-known details about the life and career of Phil Carman, it is available in all good bookstores and can be ordered from PhilCarman.com.au also!
ISBN: 9781925367850

Article Credit: The Adelaide Advertiser
Main photo credit: Mark Brake