Q) How long does it take for a full edit?
A) Depending on the size of the manuscript you should allow 6+ weeks (approx.)

Q) How long does the process take from final approved manuscript to finished book?
A) As a general rule 4 to 6 months, but this is subject to variable factors.

Q) Does my book receive national distribution, sales and marketing?
A) All books that have the Brolga Publishing logo go through the full process including sales, marketing and distribution through our national distributor, Simon & Schuster Pty Ltd as well as our international channel partners in the USA and UK.

Q) Can we ask some questions about the process and what Brolga offers?
A) Sure, just send an email with your queries and we will get back to you at the earliest opportunity. Emails should be directed to Mark Zocchi, the Company Director, via markzocchi@brolgapublishing.com.au


“If anyone is seriously considering publishing a book, they should look no further than Brolga Publishing. Mark Zocchi and his team are not only extremely professional and personable, but their years of experience in the book trade enables writers to focus on the job at hand, and provides them with a significant edge in the very competitive world of publishing. I could not recommend Mark Zocchi and Brolga Publishing more highly.”
– Damian Mason, author of ‘Emotional SOS’

“Dear Mark, Thanks so much for all your hard work on Sunday night (book launch) and for making this book happen. It was such a tremendous feeling to finally see and hear peoples’ feedback. So many seemed to love it and we feel extremely rewarded by that. You spoke with such enthusiasm about our book, and made the night special for us both.”
– Jenny Riddle, illustrator ‘Teddy and the Blue Butterfly’
& ‘Why Don’t Guinea Pigs Have Tails?’

“It has been a great pleasure to work with you. You have set a high standard of professionalism sometimes lacking with other publishers.”
– John Ramsland, author of ‘Remembering Aboriginal Heroes’, ‘Venturing into No Man’s Land. Joseph Maxwell VC World War I Hero’, ‘The Other Side of No Man’s Land, Arthur Wheen, World War I Hero’ and ‘From Antarctica to the Gold Rushes: in the wake of the Erebus’