‘Thursday’s Child’ – a great read for any day of the week!

Freshly released by breakout author Tracey Friday her debut book, Thursday’s Child is already making waves! Having snapped up interest from The Leader’s online publication on the back of its very recent entry to the market and hearts! Read the Leader’s write-up here!

On a very warm afternoon in the heart of Gymea Tracey Friday took centre stage of the Hazelhurst Regional Gallery and Arts Centre and to a room filled with friends, family and fans of her work officially launched Thursday’s Child, a beautiful book which details the story of Maggie, a spirited girl who grows up to the not-so-distant booms of air raids, as the story begins in 1941 and follows Maggie from childhood to adulthood as she interacts with the people of her town she comes to call friends, enjoy the surrounding apple orchards and enjoying a life wholly her own. Along the way she learns, as life is want to teach, that not everything is idyllic all the time. Even with the ceasefire being reached in 1945 it becomes apparent war comes in many guises and tragedy is the fastest way to learn this hard truth. She holds true to her convictions, integrity and a four-penny stamp from a far away land she dreams of and pushes on to believe in her dreams and herself.

If you haven’t yet picked up a copy of Thursday’s Child you can find this breakout title in all good bookstores or by contacting Mark Zocchi on markzocchi@brolgapublishing.com.au