Going with the flow for the launch of Ocean Hearts ~

With the blooming of Spring we were overjoyed to be able to attend and witness the welcoming of friends, family and the new and previous adoring fans of N Dumindi as she launched her debut collection of poetry Ocean Hearts – Poems of Overflowing which is a soulful, emotionally rich and prose-armed venture into the human condition.

Like breaking waves lapping the shore, sweeping away grains of sand and fragments of shell, Ocean Hearts is both tender and devastating. N Dumindi uses words as a painter uses colour. Her book of prose quivers with passion, pain and sweetness, and claws its way into the softness of your heart. Ocean Hearts is is a rare book of beauty and strength. Let yourself be washed over by its words and emerge renewed and inspired and in awe of what it is to be a human being.

A room full of those waiting on bated breath for N Dumindi to address the room and formally launch ‘Ocean Hearts’

If you haven’t yet soothed your soul with the radiant prose of N Dumindi you can purchase Ocean Hearts you can find copies at all good bookstores and can order directly by contacting markzocchi@brolgapublishing.com

ISBN: 9780648327745