Founder/CEO of Hearts4Heart reviews ‘Calm Through Chaos’

Calm Through Chaos, by first-time author Tracy Busse who is a heart patient advocate following her life-changing experience, is a forthcoming release to hit shelves this coming October and already it’s getting positive advance reviews for its sincere and heartfelt telling of Tracy Busse’s experiences following the night she is found unresponsive, learning later her heart had stopped due to a previously undiagnosed heart condition. In her debut book she tells of how she recovered emotionally and physically, including practical skills that are accessible to us all and enable us to live a richer and more vibrant life filled with joy, creativity, compassion and resilience.

Tanya Hall, CEO and Founder of Hearts4Heart, gave the below review,

Thank you so much for the honour of reading your book. It truly is such a gift and I simply couldn’t put it down. It is so difficult to condense all the events and emotions that we experience on our journey and then what is required to manage a chronic disease as well as living a fulfilled life. You have articulated that beautifully.  I love how you manage to capture all of it in such a gentle way and then give practical advice on what to do and things that you can easily refer back to … I have to say, I am finding it difficult to find words to capture the brilliance in this book.

A ’must have’ book for anyone dealing with a medical condition, (especially heart related) or for anyone wanting to live the best life they can live. It is such a gift! It offers practical, simple tools that can make a huge difference in your life. A book to be savoured.

Hearts4Heart was founded in 2011 and is a National Organisation that focuses on supporting, educating and advocating for Australians living with heart disease – since its foundation it has become an expert voice in the field of patient education and support for people experiencing heart disease and arrhythmia. Hearts4Heart is the only cardiac patient advocacy group actively involved in market access discussions with the Australian Government and Tanya Hall has received the 2012 CALI (Community, Action, Leadership and Inspiration) award and was a finalist for the Body and Soul Woman of the Year in 2013. More recently she won the Medical Technology Association of Australia Outstanding Achievement Award 2015 and the Global Bakken Invitation Award.

To learn more about Hearts4Heart please check out their website, their Facebook and you can donate to their cause HERE (Donations $2 or more are tax deductible)

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