‘Amelia and Me’ pounces into bookshops!

When Ani Peters was just on the verge of her life changing in ways one can hardly predict – the end of a marriage and the going forward as a single parent a very special tabby came into her life and made sure that come what may she knew she was never alone. In her book, Amelia and Me, Ani Peters recounts the ups, downs, laughter, perseverance and unique experiences in her life from the moment of meeting Amelia – including heartbreak, loss, parenthood, coming to the realisation of identity and the discovery of self self-worth. Amelia and Me perfectly details the fortunate chance to share her life with a special companion who is described as a love of her life, the impressive Amelia, a sassy tabby attitude who was a faithful friend to Ani Peters for just shy of 24 years.

Surrounded by loved ones, fans and those who celebrate Ani Peters incredible journey and life, plus of course those who love Amelia directly or through the people who knew her Ani Peters officially launched this heartfelt title with Amelia in mind and memorialized with a framed photo and a candle that will never go out, much like how the myriad of ways that never fade of how a beloved pet can fundamentally change our lives for the better.

If you haven’t yet gotten your copy of a book perfect for curling up and reading with your own beloved pet you can find Amelia and Me in all good bookstores or by contacting Mark Zocchi on markzocchi@brolgapublishing.com.au


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